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Ben Model at a Steinway A piano
silent film music podcast

The Silent Film Music Podcast with Ben Model – it’s the podcast that takes you inside the mind of someone as they prepare for, perform, and reflect upon performances of live musical accompaniments to silent films. Hosted by renowned silent film accompanist and historian Ben Model, along with co-host Kerr Lockhart, each episode includes discussion on the silent film composer-musician’s process, approach toward the films, practice in performance, and on silent film history. Ben and Kerr cover a range of topics unique to the perspective of someone creating a live score to help an audience enter the world of the film, and include excerpts of live musical scores Ben has performed at shows on piano and theatre or pipe organ.

The Silent Film Music Podcast was launched in 2012 as an outgrowth of Ben’s blog. All episodes of the podcast are available on most podcast platforms and are also streamable from this site.