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ep. 60: Music on the Road: Late Summer – Autumn 2023

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In this episode: accompanying several films at MoMA in August of new restorations and a series of early color process silents; audience response difference between San Francisco Silent Film Festival and MoMA screening, and how this affected Ben’s score in NYC; Ben talks about pivoting when presented before a show with a change of running time or of musical instrument; audience laughs during the climax of Harold Lloyd’s “Safety Last”; accompanying a film where only way to preview was by reading trade reviews; live recording excerpts from “Loves of Casanova” at MoMA, “Safety Last” in Schroon Lake, “Second Fiddle” at Capitolfest, and “The Mark of Zorro” at the Williams Center in NJ; and more.

Show notes for episode 60 can be found here.

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