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Alice Guy silent films at the Whitney (schedule)

I’ve just received my “marching orders” for the Whitney’s Alice Guy retrospective, Alice Guy Blaché: Cinema Pioneer. Below are the dates and film titles I’ll be accompanying. There will be other screenings dates, times and films, but I do not know what they are. There will be piano accompaniment for most Sunday afternoon screenings, and the Sundays I am not playing for will be accompanied by either Donald Sosin or David Arner. I’m posting these here now for anyone anxious to see what’s on tap. The Whitney’s page on the retrospective – which at this writing has a blurb but no film screening info – is here.

A GranTouch digital piano is being provided for the series by Yamaha Artist Services. Most of the films are archival 35mm prints, with some films presented on either 16mm or digital Blu-Ray video.

Again, posted below are just the shows I’m playing, and is not a listing of the whole retrospective screenings. Sunday shows are in the afternoon, at 2:00pm (?):

Special Screening: Women’s Film Preservation Fund
Fri, Dec. 4, 2009 (7:00PM, Whitney Museum)
Mixed Pets. 1911 (Solax).
A Fool and His Money, 1912 (Solax).
A House Divided. 1913 (Solax).
Matrimony’s Speed Limit, 1913 (Solax).

Sun, Dec. 13, 2009
Alice Guy in Spain, 1905 (Gaumont).
Tango. 1905 (Gaumont).
Le Bolero [The Bolero], 1905 (Gaumont). Performed by Miss Saharet.
Cake-walk negre [Negro Cake-walk], 1905 (Gaumont; phonoscene lacking sound component).
Le Piano irresistible [The Irresistible Piano], 1907 (Gaumont).
La Hierarchie dans I’amour [The Hierarchy in Love], 1906 (Gaumont).
Matrimony’s Speed Limit, 1913 (Solax).
When Marian Was Little. 1911 (Solax).
Canned Harmony. 1912 (Solax).
La Fee printemps [The Spring Fairy], 1906 (Gaumont).

Sun, Dec. 20, 2009
Les Fredaines de Pierrette [Pierrette’s Escapades], 1900 (Gaumont).
Au bal de Flore [At the Bal de Flore], 1900 (Gaumont). Performed by Miles Lally and Julyett de I’Olympia.
The Ocean Waif, 1916 (International Film Service Inc.; Golden Eagle Features/International Film Service Inc.)
La Maratre [The Stepmother], 1906 (Gaumont).
La Femme collante [The Sticky Woman], 1906 (Gaumont).
Les Resultats du feminisme [The Results of Feminism], 1906 (Gaumont).
Cupid and the Comet. 1911 (Solax).
Officer Henderson. 1913 (Solax).

Sun, Jan.10, 2010
Sage-femme de première classe [First-class Midwife], 1902 (Gaumont).
A House Divided. 1913 (Solax).
Mixed Pets, 1911 (Solax).
Roads Lead Home. 1913 (Solax).
New Love and the Old. 1912 (Solax).
The Girl in the Armchair, 1912 (Solax).

Sun, Jan. 17, 2010
Danse des saisons: L’Hiver, danse de la neige [Dance of the Seasons: Winter, Snow Dance], 1900 (Gaumont).
Au cabaret [At the Club], 1899 (Gaumont).
Chez Ie marechal-ferrant [At the Blacksmith’s], 1899 (Gaumont).
Avenue de I’Opera. 1900 (Gaumont).
La Bonne absinthe [The Good Absinthe], 1899 (Gaumont).
L’AveuQle fin de siecle [The Turn-of-the-century Blind Man], 1898 (Gaumont).
Chapellerie et charcuterie mecaniques [Mechanical Hat-and Sausage-maker], 1900 (Gaumont).
La Fee aux choux [The Cabbage Fairy], 18967/1900 (Gaumont).
La Concierge [The Concierge], 1900 (Gaumont).
Chez Ie photographe [At the Photographer’s], 1900 (Gaumont).
La Fee printemps [The Spring Fairy], 1906 (Gaumont).
The Great Adventure. 1918 (Pathe Exchange).

Sun,Jan. 24, 2010
Danse Gitanes-Sevillane [Dance of the Seville Gypsies], 1905 (Gaumont).
Chien jouant a la balle [Dog Playing Balll. 1905 (Gaumont).
La Charite du prestidigitateur [The Charity of the Magician], 1905 (Gaumont).
The High Cost of Living. 1912 (Solax).
A Man’s a Man, 1912 (Solax).
The Sewer, 1912 (Solax). Directed by Edward Warren; set design and script by Henri Menessier.
The Strike, 1912 (Solax),
L’Enfant de la barricade or Sur la barricade [The Child of the Barricade or On the
Barricade], 1907 (Gaumont).
Le Fils du garde-chasse [The Gamekeeper’s Son], 1906 (Gaumont).
Bonsoir (La Fee aux fleurs) [Goodnight (The Flower Fairy)], 1905 (Gaumont).

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