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Comedy Central Insider posts “Silent But Deadly”

An article appeared on the Comedy Central Insider website this afternoon, plugging the “Silent But Deadly” PopRally event. Love the headline: MoMA to Get Let Artsy, More Fartsy. This article came from a tip from the blog of Max Silvestri, the comic who will M.C. the evening. His blog entry opens with: “On January 6th, I am hosting a comedy show at MoMA. Crazy!”

Unlike all other film events at MoMA, this is one you can buy tix online for. You may need to in order to get in. Seems like the comedy insiders are spreading the word about the show, and Titus 1 only seats 550 or so (I think?). Plus there’ll be a bar in the lobby where the reception will happen from 7-8pm. Hopefully the hipsters and comics will take a moment to notice the Madalena posters on view…

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