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Don Q, Son of Zorro; changes at AMMI

Last night’s showing of Don Q, Son of Zorro went quite well. We had a nice crowd, and a few kids too. Audience members enjoyed spotting Donald Crisp, the original/first Charlie Chan, Warner Oland, and Jean Hersholt (seen a couple months ago at the CAC in Greed). Miditzer sounded great, as always. Next up in Feb is a program of Chaplin Mutuals, from my collection (same program as I presented with Bruce at the Burns Film Center in December).

Got a call from the head of education programs at AMMI last week. Due to budget cuts or restraints they are temporarily suspending having live accompaniment at their Immigrant screenings for school groups. I will miss these gigs, usually 4-6 a month, but can at least be assured the film will be shown with a good score…as they are currently running the film on DVD, and I’d instructed them to get the new BFI edition with the Carl Davis scores. Hopefully, things will improve and tightened belts will be reloosened soon and this practice will resume.

Next shows are next week at MoMA, three films for the Madalena series: The Unknown, The Volga Boatman, and The Mysterious Lady. Also, Monday is my Ernie Kovacs talk/show at the Toms River NJ library.

See you at the silents!


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