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Episode 51 show notes: The Silent Film Music Podcast

Episode 51 Show Notes: William Perry interview (part 1)

Interview with William Perry, composer, pianist, orchestrator, and silent film accompanist.

William Perry’s compositions

William Perry’s piano music from “The Silent Years” available on CD “The Beloved Rogue And other Scores from The Silent Years” from Trobriand Music

William Perry’s YouTube Channel

An episode of THE SILENT YEARS: The General by Buster Keaton with introduction by Orson Welles and score written and performed by William P. Perry

The Mark of Zorro, music by William P. Perry

Clips from The Gold Rush synchronized to the orchestra suite by William Perry

Zander The Great with Marion Davies, available from Undercrank Productions

Clips from Breaking Away using Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony

Music by William Perry available on CD or for download from Naxos Music

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